Any time now

Jules and I are sitting in the arrivals hall waiting for the flight which has been delayed by 30 minutes. She and I went out for a “last supper” just the two of us. We went to the little Italian place run by the Chinese family (I know) and where they make real pizza and real past very quickly and affordably.

Jules was on a high having won a competition earlier in the day. Some high schools have barbershop quartets, others, like Macleans, have large barbershop ensembles. I took a day’s leave so I was able to attend some of the performances. Barbershop is such an interesting concept. In some ways similar to a regular choir in terms of the dynamics and those very unique chords but also different because of the insistence on movement. It is also so strange to see huge islander hulks whose necks are as wide as my waist and who can dominate a scrum single-handedly, walk on to the stage and start crooning in a falsetto about their sweethearts!

Well Macleans won the competition and now they go to the national championships in Wellington. However the senior choir also won their regional competition and they also have to compete in the nationals in Wellington! So Jules either has to pitch a tent at the Wellington town hall or make some tough choices.

Well they will be here in 15 minutes and I need to get their gifts from the car. I bought Et an All Black fleece and cap and Karen a massive bunch of flowers, so I guess they will be equally impressed.

I even cleaned the toilet so there cannot be any complaints.

And finally we will be one family together again in one place, feeling safe, starting over and building a new future.

In future Karen will probably be writing more often than me, but please keep the comments rolling.

I think we now need a drum roll.

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6 Responses to Any time now

  1. Sally says:

    And here it is: trrrrrrrrrrrrrrWhack!Doosh!Crash!Kaboom!! Ti-i-ng. (the triangle).
    And a fanfare for Jules’s triumph.
    And a full orchestral tutti for the Naudé’s for Their Crossing of the Rubicon.
    And in the spirit of 49 BC (OF COURSE I’M NOT GOING TO RESIST IT) “Let the (NZ) Games begin.”

    Love to you all.

  2. Karie says:

    Indeed we are here… and the flowers hardly made it up the staircase and nearly blinded us all in the car, what with its various bits sticking out all artistic-like! But we are in the house, the flowers are in a bucket in the lounge (no vase big enough), and we are very grateful to have spent two nights in Morrow ave where the noisiest things are the kitchen clock and the fridge which croons like a chicken every now and then- or as Etienne says: ‘every noun and then’.

    Thanks to all who made it possible to get us here- towards the end everybody worked so hard, I started getting the impression you were worried that we might stay, after all!

  3. Nellie Zimmermann says:

    Hi there, so pleased the family is reunited at last! Well done. Hope you will settle in easily, Karen and Et. Please comtinue to write, these “letters” are so lovely to read and it’s super to have contact! Keep well and love to all, Nellie and Co.

  4. Donna says:

    Steve – hello – I stumbled across this while on the SANZ site – thanks – such interesting posts. I worked at Pearson CT about 6 or 7 yrs ago and we had a few exchanges – this was in Nikki days. Am an NZ Cit and hoping to return, just in the process of sorting my son’s residence application (my cit is through descent, thus I need to do his paper work) – you give such a positive take on it all – thanks for that!

  5. Donna says:

    yup – cobban – good memory (or bad reputation on my part) – here is hoping the former. Hope your job and settling in still going well.

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