Quick photo gallery

Just some snaps taken over the past few days.


Cricket at Cornwall Park


I took Jules to an arts and crafts fair at the show grounds. We parked across the road in Cornwall Park at the foot of One Tree Hill. There was an idyllic scene in front of us. White-clad figures playing cricket, “pick-pack-pock” a la James Joyce, sheep crazing in a meadow on the left, the verdant hill behind with the monument on top, parents standing around the edge of the field, the occasional sprinkling of applause, all rather British and rural and Victorian. Love it.


Learning to weave, slowly.


Then it was time for the fair. LOTS of sewing, needlework, beading, weaving, Teddy bears, sewing machines, etc etc. I walked around with her for a while but then she got stuck into the beads and spent the next hour looking through a big table covered in a huge variety of beads. I sat in a waiting area listening to a book – there is only so much one can appreciate about quilting!


Boys' paradise

The other day it was quite rainy. Not cold, just wet and windy (warm wind). On our way back from the shops we thought we’d see what was happening on Eastern Beach – maybe the wind had actually generated some waves! No such luck – the tide was out but there were 12 kite surfers in the water and 5 more on the beach getting ready to go in. I could only take a few of them because they were so far out. Low tide here means if you fall, you fall hard.



View from Stockade Hill across Mellon's Bay towards Beachlands with Motukaraka Island


On my way to Howick (just about every day) this is my view. The grey building in the foreground is our GP’s consulting room. Very difficult to keep one’s eyes on the road. This was a slightly overcast day – normally the sea is more brilliant.

Towards the end of the weekend things cleared up and we were able to take a long walk along Bucklands Beach to Half Moon Bay. The sun was setting slowly, the air was moist and in a refractory mood, the tide was out, so we strolled along the water’s edge marveling at the sky and the silence.

Jules rescued 29846 stranded star fish (it was a slow walk, as I said) and collected some interesting specimens. She also picked up 9087876 “pretty sea shells” which all look exactly the same and now adorn her window ledge in her bedroom.

Among the more impressive specimens was this giant clam shell – measuring 25cm from top to bottom, 12cm across. Yes, she carted it along.

The end.






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4 Responses to Quick photo gallery

  1. Andrew says:

    Hiya stef…thanks for the pics…much appreciated! Certainly sounds idyllic…. I needed this after trying to corral thirty Form 1’s into finding keywords to search more effectively about China’s one-child policy….! Hey, but i suppose anything is better than invigilating, right?!? Keep ém coming…much needed to keep our spirits up!

  2. karie says:

    Thanks for the pics. They are really lovely. I am looking forward to seeing all those sea shells. I just hope they are on the window ledge OUTSIDE.
    Et is impressed that you counted them all. Perhaps you should count again just to make sure you got it right.

  3. Sally says:

    Lovely pics & a lovely place. And how at-home Jules looks in a weaver’s chair !

    “marveling at the sky and the silence”, you say. In an urban environment. I hope you don’t EVER become blasé about that, and continue to marvel.

  4. Gerald says:

    Hi Stef, pity you didn’t take a picture of the “sheep crazing in a meadow on the left”, must have been quite a sight.

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