The Best of Both

This has nothing to do with the pay-off line used by Albany on their white bread, but with the wind. Auckland does not have the reputation for wind that Wellington has, but it can get breezy. Yesterday, for example, was a treat. Standing on the balcony one could see wind-surfers clinging on to their handles for dear life being catapulted down the Strait at a ridiculous rate of knots. They’ll probably end up in Beirut for dinner.

Yachts too were shooting down the drag as if they were being chased by a sea monster. Not sure what they do if they want to get back here – maybe park and walk because there is no way (even with no sails and an outboard) that they can counter the gust and the tide.

I had been writing covering letters and sending off CVs all day and had a spell of cabin fever, so when Jules finally got home I bundled her into the car and set off for Eastern Beach (about 4 minutes away).


Eastern Beach Google Earth



Now the “best of both” refers to the fact that if Bucklands (which runs along the Parade on the left of the map) is howling a gale, the rule of thumb says Eastern (long white strip on the right of the peninsula) will be wind still. This sounds ridiculous considering that there is just such a small finger of land between them, but it is true. I took a long walk on a virtually deserted beach with just the slightest breeze to cool things down.


Eastern Beach looking south

Eastern Beach looking north



I took a snap or two – but they are just “white beach, blue ocean, clouds and cliffs” – the usual. You will notice the “waves” on Eastern. They are all of 3cm high. To put this in context you may notice some brownish/grey seagulls on the edge of the water. They lie on the sand and then WALK into the sea, not even the slightest hop or jump just a straight stroll. Etienne’s bath time is more tumultuous.

After this Jules and I did our usual Friday night junk food binge and got a pizza from hell. No really. Hell is a brilliant pizza franchise here and it is perfectly themed. The menu says it all. They have great pizzas (not like the crap from Pizza Hut) and they have brilliant extras too – like fried Camembert with cranberry sauce (I know of two people who are drooling right now).

Just look at the menu – it says it all. Notice the 0800 number – great attention to detail throughout. And the pizza was good too, except for the olives.


Menu from Hell 1

Menu from Hell 1

Menu from Hell 2

Menu from Hell 2







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2 Responses to The Best of Both

  1. karie says:

    I love the pizza from ‘hell’- never saw it when we were there last year. I am having a tough time choosing between ‘lust’ and ‘sloth’. Tough choice. You must taste them all and then make your recommendation. If people come to visit us, we need to know whether to recommend ‘purgatory’ or ‘limbo’ or just to go straight for ‘pandemonium’ and ‘mayhem’.

  2. Sally says:

    So Hell has a franchise in Paradiso ! Media vita in morte sumus…

    What a delicious little sub-text in the naming of the vegetarian options…
    Pride, Purgatory, Limbo, Damned…

    Check out their back story –
    and sowaar: nutritional tables for the pizzas…

    Keep up the constitutional walks – I love the pictures !

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