Just a short bit about Musick Point – that’s the top bit of the peninsula.

Musick Point Satellite

This morning’s constitutional took me over the golf course to the radio station that is situated right at the highest point of the head above the water. It was originally built for wartime radio signals, then for maritime communication, and now used by Telecom for cell phones. It is a wonderful old building – Art Deco to the core with square turret, bay windows etc. Mr Musick was a famous aviator who came to NZ during the 1930s

Musick Point Radio Station

The golf course (Howick Golf Club) showed me a human’s true genius – a woman was on the practice tee, knocking off with a fairway driver and her border collie was running after the balls and returning them to her! A true win-win.

The peninsula provides a wonderful view of the Tamaki Strait (as seen from our window) then lots of water with Auckland in the distance, and all the way across Rangitoto Island, Brown’s island and all the way across to Eastern Beach (that which is seen from Jules’ classroom window). This pathetic little video was taken using my cell phone and compressed to virtually nothing so the quality is k*k. The loud clicks are my subtle attempts at zooming in. No criticism please.

very amaturish video here

You’ll have to cut and paste – WordPress charges a premium to upload videos. Sies!

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One Response to 270⁰

  1. Ash says:

    Stef, stop making excuses. You are clearly an old pro. Do you usually walk around with a tripod for your phone? Damn steady hand you have.
    Looks divine!

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