Just the regular…

I decided to change my header image with something more cheery – the grey mists of Rangitoto were not a true reflection, so I took one showing Brown’s Island this morning with the tide way out and three white sails in the distance.

Morrow Ave

I also took one of the house which I have not posted before. It is a brown house made of weatherboard (like 95% of all NZ houses). What is not obvious from the photo is the very steep incline of the driveway. As you can see the first layer is all taken up by garaging and the houses proper sits on top of this and the rest of the slope. The garage is a little musty – I will put a dehumidifier in there and dry it out a little.

On my constitutional I also snapped away at the beach so here is a little eye candy.

Tamaki Estuary

We got a great surprise in the mail today – a letter from Grandpa Mike from Japan. In case you don’t know he and my dad met in 1971 at Expo ’71 in Tokyo. They started talking and this led to a correspondence that lasted until my dad;s death in 2001. Mike came to visit us in 1982 and spent a month touring the country with my dad and an American exchange student called Steve Richards.

It was great to get a letter from him – and it took less than a week to get here.

Hopefully more exciting news next time.

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One Response to Just the regular…

  1. Sally says:

    Love the new shots: the header, the house… and, by the way, it looks as if Auckland’s trees grow Up, not Sideways (as they do here in the Marina) – so I imagine there’s no such thing as the Kiwi equivalent of the Black Southeaster ?

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