Pig spotter

New Zealand has the highest number of magazines per capita in the world. If you don’t believe me check out this “best-seller” I snapped in a petrol station store. Lord of the Flies springs to mind.

New Zealand Pig Hunter magazine

In case you can’t see it the subtitle says “Dedicated to New Zealand’s 25,000 pig hunters” and there have been 111 editions of this bi-monthly.

On a brighter note the piano has arrived! After more than a week of begging the Salvation Army shop finally managed to get three portly blokes to grunt around the driveway and deliver the beauty – without incident. I initially asked them to carry it up the stairs and put it in the lounge but the physics of the piano and the biology of the people involved made it obvious that it was never going to happen. So instead we have parked it in the garage which is dry and insulated.


It is a thing of beauty. A Yamaha in almost perfect condition. There are a few scuffs around the edges, but she is mechanically sound and in reasonable tune. Other than the week-long wait I cannot believe anyone else would have been lucky enough to get this one for R4,250 or $850. It is undervalued by at least half. So an heirloom is born. And neighbours who were once friendly are soon to be alienated…

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7 Responses to Pig spotter

  1. Andrew v Zyl says:

    Yes….the old NAPH….a classic journal known to librarians near and far! BTW what’s with the cover-slightly dodgy to put it mildly. Great to hear that you have a piano. Is this for yourself or your offspring?!? Hopefully it is all part of the creation of Stef 2.0! Are you still taking your morning constitutional on the beach? Actually i caught some rays myself this morning while washing the car. That red stripe across my neck will form a nice contrast with the rest of my albino-like features…Take care and looking forward to your Yamaha adventures!

    • Andrew v Zyl says:

      Sorry…that should read NZPH. The NAPH would naturally refer to The Nascent Albino Porch Herald (a little-known Neo-Nazi “samizdat” ad-hoc publication)..

  2. karie says:

    I am so glad the piano has arrived – lots of sing-alongs planned for the new future while Et and I can’t join in with our melodious voices, I guess. I will try to send music books with Michelle’s folks. Et and I have been watching “I am the very model of a modern major general’ on You Tube and we expect a supberb rendition when we arrive there.

  3. Sally says:

    “neighbours who were once friendly are soon to be alienated”…

    Au contraire. They’re about to become paying customers.

    Google: silent film accompanist.

    It is a contemporary, viable career option. For which you need a few ingredients:
    1. Piano (check)
    2. Pianist (yes, you: check)
    3. Blank wall for film projection (garage wall: check)
    4. Space for audience seating (garage: check)
    5. Library from which to rent movies (check)
    6. Neighbours (check)

    I suggest you start with Abbott & Costello.

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