The start of a long list

Four reasons to move to New Zealand:

1. Feijoa – A green fruit which grows plentifully. Totally unremarkable in terms of shape, pretty but not spectacular flower. It hails from South America originally but has now made NZ its home. What is spectacular is its flavour. It is the most unique tingling combination of guava, pineapple, grenadilla and a little je ne sais quoi.

2. Patak’s Lime Pickle – Also not local – from India, but I found it here and I tasted it here and so it becomes and honorary Kiwi thing. It is actually lime atchaar, the most amazing combination of chilli oil and lime segments. Why do we just stick to mango?

Lime Pickle

3. The police do everything – There is a single police force that does policing (catching robbers) traffic (speedsters) and all those things that Metro cops do (still not sure what they are but I guess they do have some function.) There is also no need for Scorpions, or anything else. One bloke in a car keeps all the law and order necessary. And they can be very friendly too. The only chronic health complaint among the NZ police force is boredom. And there is an emergency number that actually works and is responded to immediately. It is also easy to remember.

Image of banner for the 111 text service

4. The travelling ice-cream lorries – yup they have them too, but they play “Home on the range” and almost a full verse, not that infuriating little jingle from nowhere. Can’t find a picture so just use your imagination.

The list will continue.

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One Response to The start of a long list

  1. karie says:

    Re feijoas -remember the babako saga- ek se maar net.

    Re the cops – have they managed to track down the pot-plant thief yet, with only 2 robberies in 3 years, one hopes they have a 100% conviction rate.

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