A walk in the park

This morning’s consitutional took me to Macleans Park. I dropped Jules off at school and then walked for 45 minutes around the park, from the top (near the college) down through a gorge which has a small stream with dense ferns and very tall trees, down to Eastern beach and back up along the same path.

There were two motorised lawnmowers working the area – I suspect it could be a full-time job. The weather was cloudy so the photos are not great. The first is taken at the little stream. It reminds me of the ‘Berg – lots of dense undergrowth, huge ferns, tall trees with moss covered barks and lots of signs of natural decay because of the moisture.

Path through Macleans Park

It is quite a steep decline to Eastern Beach – many people taking their dogs for strolls and runs through the park to the beach. Not sure how many people around here actually work for a living!

The view of Macleans is really rather dull. It is most beautifully situated, but the buildings themselves are new, unremarkable and totally functional. There is no character to speak of and the best view of the school is from within one of its classrooms looking out!

I think I may choose a new beach every day to walk along.

Eastern beach looking south

Eastern beach looking north

From the sublime to the irritating. I have done some research and we have a bed bug infestation, not a flea infestation. This could change everything. I wake up at 3am with outrageously itchy calves and I know I have just been bitten. It turns out that several unexplained occurrences have in fact been bed bug related. There is a strange almond smell in one room – this is apparently the odour which bedbugs give off – they sometimes use sniffer dogs to detect bugs in imported furniture based on this smell.

Secondly there were unexplained stains on the carpet which we thought were spills by the previous tenant, but no – much more exciting than that – it is bedbug excrement! How marvellous! Now we know what we need to do. Darryl will get the carpet people to come and clean the place all over again next week. In the mean time I will be sleeping in the lounge.


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2 Responses to A walk in the park

  1. Sally says:

    Your walking options look just wonderful. And I imagine it’ll change with the light and the seasons. Aai man – hope the morning constitutional is balm after battling with bedbugs !

  2. karie says:

    The views are really beautiful. Et and I can’t wait to get there. Just a few leeeeeeetle issues to tie up this side. And hopefully the mighty itchy mite issue will be solved on your side by the time we get ther.

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