Back to school (eventually)

Jules in uniform


The day has finally arrived – Jules is back in school after the longest holiday in human memory – she finished in early December and except for a self-inflicted farewell spell at Pretoria Girl’s High she has been slumming it.

So today she dressed in her new (and very expensive) new uniform and went to school. The move away from a bright green tunic to a shapely, tailored blue combination is very welcome. She is very happy not to be wearing her old uniform – it looked like a kiwi-fruit milkshake deposited on the pavement by a bilious teenager.

So she now has at least two friends and can start exploring her environment. She is in Upham house. Buses depart every 15 minutes from just around the corner of our house. The journey to the school lasts 4:01 in peak hour traffic. The bus fare is $1 per trip. The school fees are $468 per year (R2,480) and if you can’t pay you can ask for assistance.

Macleans college is among the best schools in New Zealand. There is a strong contingent of foreign students who pay full fees ($15,000 per year) just to attend the school. They also have a very impressive list of academic achievements for matric. They offer both the New Zealand curriculum and the Cambridge exams (CIE). Their honours lists includes many names of students who achieve “best in world” for the CIE exams – which is why it is sought after.

The schools situation above Mellon’s Bay is breathtaking, and as soon as the weather permits I will post a snap of the view.

We have another little cyclone passing over today but the sun will be out by tomorrow lunch time.

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4 Responses to Back to school (eventually)

  1. Frank Naude says:

    Hope that you’ll settle in well! Love from the Somerset Nauds

  2. karie says:

    lovely uniform, although i know that she actually LOVED the kiwi-milkshake one towards the end and could not take it off

  3. Sally says:

    Very, very nice indeed. Going to break hearts, that girl !

    The school sounds absolutely fantastic. I’m so glad to hear about this kind of quality ed. Did she have to do some sort of entrance exam / interview / whatever ?

  4. karie says:

    Nope, just live in the right area- which is why getting a house was such a hassle and eventually so lucky, since half of SA, most of Englsnd and 3/4 of Asia wants access to the school

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