Flea circus

Sunset from our deck

The first night went fairly smoothly – we needed to get back to the shops to buy a few essentials we had missed but other than that you would swear we had lived in the house for 10 years.

The weather cleared and gave us a sunset to remember. This is millionaire’s view from budget accommodation.

So far we have sorted everything out except a car (hopefully tomorrow) and Telecom… and the fleas.

I am renowned throughout the flea universe as the Mecca, the ultimate destination. Fleas travel from far and wide to bite me. They will gaily leap over 20 fluffy dogs and purring cats to attack my ankles. The reward is two-fold: the sweetest blood this side of paradise and the subsequent thrill of seeing their little bites turn into raging welts which itch for days and leave long-lasting and unsightly red spots. My bare feet may currently be mistaken for a polka dot bikini with ten skew toes.

Darryl (landlord) has vowed to exterminate the pests (and we have tried a LOT – 15 flea bombs between two attempts) but the pilgrimage continues. The previous tenant had a few cats it seems. And those fleas that were left behind are now in flea Nirvana.

The Telecom saga is ridiculous. They have a very good reputation but they have messed us around unbelievably. First their store in a shopping centre (Botany) sent our documents to the wrong number (lose 4 days) then they figure out that our line is “live” but not working – it will need a technician to come out (lose another 5 days). So we have a computer and a modem and a telephone but no connectivity (hence the silence). I am squatting at Lynne and Kevin’s place using their bandwidth to do all my business while I patiently wait for Telecom’s technician.

On the positive side the Telecom deal is not bad: R500 or $100 per month gives you unlimited national calls (no limits at all if home to home) plus 10GB of very high speed broadband (usually in Excess of 4MB but can go to 10MB) plus a free modem. All you need it a technician and line that works!

Next post is about THE SCHOOL.

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2 Responses to Flea circus

  1. karie says:

    Also on the positive side – the water and electricity took seconds, so don’t complain too much, and at least you have HOPE which one does not have here when dealing with Telkom or the City Council, esp Jo’burg’s one right now.
    re the fleas… Jules says she does not have a single flea bite… what ARE you drinking?

  2. Sally says:

    If you don’t have mosquitoes, you’re still winning – although I sympathize with the itching !

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