Bum in butter

I don’t believe there is a luckier individual on the planet. We have arrived in a foreign country and have rented an empty house. Here’s what is different – our landlord is also a builder and has renovated the place superbly. He used to stay here himself so everything works and is well considered; down to the under-floor heating in the lounge. Fortune #2: landlord owns many properties and has accumulated a lot of extra furniture which he cannot store. So he has asked us to “look after” his lounge suite (which obviously fits in perfectly) and a few other odds and ends. We have also bought a washing machine from him for a good price which he has installed already.

Fortune #3: friends have just upgraded their cookware to the latest Jamie Oliver Tefal range and are wondering what to do with their old set … Lynne also took me and Jules shopping and became the surrogate wife in terms of selecting what would fit/match and be needed.  So not only have we inherited lots from her we have also bought that which is perfectly suited.

Fortune #4: Friends have brilliant connections. Warren Butler has been a star – he was waiting for us at the house when arrived on the first day and had a wealth of advice for us about buying a car as well as all the other essentials we need. He also organised a brilliant, big, covered trailer which could fit all the different furnishings people had lent or given us.

Fortune #5: The Viljoens of Bucklands Beach. Dean, Delia, Demi, Degan and Declan are from another planet altogether. The children have given us their savings for charity (because they believe charity begins at home) and have also bought a very comprehensive set of tupperwares to get us started. The deal (again) is that when we have finished with things that we have bought we will pass it on to the next family who arrive with nothing.

Fortune #6: The super-natural organisational ability of Delia. When we moved in today (between a cyclonic-scale storm in the morning and sweltering, humid weather in the afternoon) and with the help and generosity of the Viljoens, the Millars and the Butlers we have everything stowed in the new place. I think we need one more night before we move in and sleep in our own pad, but I cannot believe there exists another immigrant family on the planet that would walk into their new rental on the first day and have a washing machine, fridge, dishwasher, microwave, a queen and a large single, a lounge suite, carpets, towels, most kitchen equipment, a TV, dining room suite etc. We have also been Delia’d – she has given us recipe books, stationery, a first-aid kit, telephone books, crockery and many other odds and ends.

Fortune #7: Lynne Millar (dame of the empire) has provided so much information, advice and material support that I don’t even know where to begin. Suffice to say that after 90 minutes everything we owned and everything that was lent and given was installed in the house and we could wash down the sweat (NZ can get hot when it rains!?!?!?) with a few bottles of beer while admiring our beatiful view.

So we are in, settled and buzzing. Tomorrow it is school, school and school.

Tonight it is shower and sleep (the tail end of jet-lag, I hope).

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3 Responses to Bum in butter

  1. karie says:

    we are so lucky to have such a great team of friends and family!

  2. Sally says:

    Call it Bum-in-Butter, but it’s Bum-in-Brigadoon !! Never HEARD of such a place and such people. Or you must be Dorothy & Toto on the other side of the Rainbow.

    Restoring my sorely dented faith in humanity – that’s what you’re doing. Thank you for your Dispatches from the Front. I look forward to the next one, and the next…
    Love to all,
    WW o/t W…

  3. Brian Dalton says:

    Hi Steven

    Good to follow your and Jules’ progress on FB. The old school friend I mentioned who is in NZ also has a yacht which he bought here in RSA and sailed down to NZ with his entire family. Apparently he goes sailing annually when the cold weather hits and spends it in the Fiji or Somoan island area. His name is Stuart Tokelove so if you would like to make contact with him, it is not a common name so he may be in the phone book or he is on FB. If you do, give him my regards. I will tip him off that you may contact him. I think he is living on North Shore

    Had Bev and Renaye on the training last week and they said they enjoyed it, thanks for your support in getting them there

    All the best and keep the news flowing



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