Broom with a view

The view from our deck

The view you see on the home page is of Brown’s Island just off the coast of Auckland. It is also the view to be seen from the beach just around the corner of our little house. It was snapped when we were here in June but that is what one sees every day.

We have been here three days now (it is Saturday) and have accomplished a lot. Only the school registration and electricity remain to be done on Monday. Tomorrow we will be moving in (pouring rain predicted). Today Lynne took me shopping for essentials: as a surrogate wife she did an amazing job, sniffing out crazy bargains and selecting the right colours and fabrics.

Tomorrow we gather all the furniture that people are either giving us or lending us. I have never experienced anything like it: everyone we know is chipping in with some appliance or piece of furniture, we have needed to buy the very minimum. The attitude of friends, family and even strangers (like our landlord) is simply unbelievable. They just give things and say “I’m sure you would have done the same for me.” And then they suggest that when we are finished using the stuff we pass it on to someone else who may need it.

So within two days we should be set up and in our own house looking at the view clutching a broom or a mop. This is infinitely preferable to clutching a broom without a view.

Jules took some snaps of the view from our front balcony. Karen has told many people that our house is 14 seconds from the beach (as verified by Google Maps) but that is only true if you are driving. I think it would take at least 2 minutes by foot.

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