The Adventure Begins with a farewell

Mario's ultimate group portrait

43 people huddled under one patio in the seemingly ceaseless summer rain. A send-off which emphasises the closeness we have with our friends and family (very literally). But it was as much a time for new connections as for farewells. Threads of common interest forged new bonds even as everyone gathered to bid farewell to Jules and me. It was not a sad occasion at all, in fact by the time the sun came out the gathering remained huddled and engaged. Mario took care of one final group picture which showed his skills at crowd control. By the time the last people left at 9 pm we had all had an exhilarating day full of reminiscences, lots of wine, banter and gloriously diverse food. Thanks Kree for arranging it.

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2 Responses to The Adventure Begins with a farewell

  1. Andrew v Zyl says:

    Hi there campers…i like your by-line. By the way, if you read that blog title really quickly you might think it was the Nude family in New Zealand…or perhaps that’s just me… Just to thank you guys for the lovely time we had on Sunday. Noah is still wondering when we are going to visit “Auntie Karen and Auntie Step” again. Don’t think he’s gotten his head around the Uncle deal quite yet! Hope you have a great flight..okay, scrap that…hope you cope with the flight, more like…and we anxiously await news of your every purchase-washing machine, snackwich machine, barracuda et al.

    Lots of love-Andy and his babycakes..

  2. karie says:

    just to say that some people are missing from the pic…. Liz and Hannah, Chris and Hannelie, Ricardo, Beata and Jimmy, Bernie, Chris, Becca and Monica, Annelize and of course …. MARIO!

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